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Specialist diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders.

Dr Moez Dungarwalla was highly commended in the 2010 Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust Awards.

About Dr. Dungarwalla

Dr Moez Dungarwalla is a Haematology specialist in Milton Keynes. He is the clinical director for cancer services at Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust. He specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders.

Our Practices

Genesis Care Milton Keynes –

Clinic times – Monday 3-5pm, Tuesday 3-6pm, Thursday 12-2pm

BMI Saxon Clinic –

Clinic time – Friday 6-8pm

OSD healthcare –

Clinic times – Thursday 6-8pm

Conditions we treat

We treat a number of conditions at our clinics. From Anaemia to Leukaemia, B12 deficiency and more.


When a person has lymphoma, some of their lymphocytes are ‘out of control’ – they divide in an abnormal way and do not die when they should.


In leukaemia normal control mechanisms break down and the bone marrow starts to produce large numbers of abnormal white blood cells of an identical type.


Multiple myeloma is a form of a cancer which affects plasma cells in the bone marrow Plasma cells normally produce antibodies.


When there is a reduction in the number of red cells produced haemoglobin levels are low. This is known as Anaemia.

Bleeding disorders

Diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders including Thrombophilia, Myeloproliferative disorders (MPDs), and more.

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